15 January 2015

Thankful Thursday - The Maybe Lady

A random act of kindness can warm up your whole day.

Last week, when Jack and I were out picking up a few groceries, he was very talkative. He was babbling about this and that, and needed to go say hi to the lobsters and point out everything on the way.

As we headed through produce toward the lobsters, a woman approached our cart and smiled. "Maybe," she said. Umm...okay. She looked happy, and was gesturing at Jack, as he continued his conversation with her. "Maybe," she said again. Each time was with a slightly different inflection, like there was a lot more thought behind it than just that little word.

I always try to play interpreter a bit during Jack's conversations, so I told her that he'd been good so far, and we were almost done. It was shaping up to be a good trip. She said, "Maybe," again, then held up her hand for me to wait. As she reached into her purse, I figured she was getting a penny so he could ride the horse on our way out.

Instead, she put a dollar bill into my hand, smiled again, and said, "Maybe," as I thanked her very sincerely.

Imagine my surprise when she had walked away and I looked in my hand to find a five-dollar-bill.

Jack was very good through all our errands that day, so I promised him we would be getting a treat for him, which I'm sure was what the 'Maybe Lady' intended. After we checked out (and he got his ride on Sandy the horse), we headed through Wendy's on our way home for a chicken-nugget lunch with a Frosty.

Thank you, Maybe Lady!

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siteseer said...

How sweet. Hope someone is watching out for her 😍