15 January 2015

Strumming and Drinking

Whew. I feel like things are finally getting back to normal. Right on the heels of the holidays, hubby switched jobs. In doing this, he ended up with almost an extra week off! So this has been my first week back to just me and the pre-schooler here during the day.

Somehow as everything gets busier, I think back and treasure even more the little minutes when the whole house didn't have to get up early to get everyone on their way. In the evening, we could all sit together, have a fire in the fireplace, and hubby could strum a tune on his Newest gear while we sipped cocktails and admired our children's peaceful playing together.

Just kidding. I think that was just a movie we saw once before everything here was animated. And hubby prefers heavy metal anyway.


siteseer said...

Funny. It is nice with no schedule once in awhile.

Tammy said...

I was thinking maybe a dream you had. LOL