07 January 2015

Happy New Year - 2015 Edition

I really enjoyed going back and reviewing what I considered 50 different things I wanted to achieve in 2014. I've decided to do it again and make a new list for 2015. My goal this go 'round is to be able to cross at least half the items off my list by January 1, 2016.

Here goes!

  1. See my #cwp bestie girlfriends at least twice this year. In person, I mean.
  2. Establish educational savings accounts for both of my kids.
  3. Achieve my 60- and 90- day goals for my new Posh business. (Feel like helping? Go order some fabulous pampering products you'll LOVE! Go ahead. Do it now. I'll wait here.)
  4. Put hardwood floors in Jack's bedroom.
  5. Paint the living room.
  6. Paint the master bathroom.
  7. Still put the darn wall-decal headboard in the master bedroom (yes, this was on last year's list as #23).
  8. Get more eyeliner.
  9. Finish unpacking/cleaning my office. Ha.
  10. Start unpacking office storage bins from the basement. (Kind of looking forward to this - I bet there's some cool stuff in there that I haven't seen since 2011!)
  11. Complete the 2015 PopSugar Reading Challenge.
  12. Pay off my credit card debt.
  13. Host at least five direct sales parties for friends this year.
  14. Watch the new season of Orange is the New Black.
  15. Keep my fish healthy and happy.
  16. Bake cookies more often.
  17. Start sending birthday cards again.
  18. Potty train Jack (maybe this should be on his list instead of mine?).
  19. Have professional family photos done.
  20. Take more pictures.
  21. Write more.
  22. Sell off my rubber stamps.
  23. Sell/donate/trash old baby supplies.
  24. Paint my nails more often.
  25. Overhaul basement toy room.
  26. Learn more about promoting my businesses on Pinterest/Instagram/Facebook...
  27. Get a new rug for the dining area.
  28. Have another cash Christmas.
  29. Expect the best.
  30. Have a mommy/daughter date at least once a month.
  31. Have a mommy/daddy date at least once a month.
  32. Send thank you cards.
  33. Continue my 10 Minutes Before Bed Journal.
  34. Review my Train Your Brain stuff as needed.
  35. Shop with direct sellers whenever possible.
  36. Drink more water.
  37. Do a cross-stitch project.
  38. Redo master bath shower.
  39. Get another cow for the freezer.
  40. Organize the 'chocolate' storage room in the basement for my storage.
  41. Decorate more for the seasons/holidays.
  42. Paint the office.
  43. Send at least five random gifts.
  44. Post at least monthly on the Directly Positive blog.
  45. Get new tennis shoes.
  46. Get good sunglasses.
  47. Replace the flooring in the living room/formal dining area.
  48. Repaint the front door.
  49. Wash my vehicle at least once a month.
  50. Continue to be grateful for all of my wonderful blessings.

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