03 January 2015

Fun with the Harlem Globetrotters

The game was wildly entertaining again. Our seats were much further from the court this time, but that gave us front row seats for the giant screen, right? Hahaha...

A lot of the jokes were similar (as expected) but they had another whole story line about one of the refs behaving quite suspiciously. I won't ruin the final outcome for you, in case you make it to one of the upcoming shows near you.

Maggie ended up splurging and spending her own money to 'upgrade' from the t-shirt we wanted to buy her. She now has a jersey of Scooter, one of her favorite Harlem Globetrotters. She already had the ball from last time, so we waited til we got home to get pictures with both.

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siteseer said...

how adorable!! they look like they really had a great time!!