09 January 2015

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. Sometimes I feel incredibly old trying to navigate all the social media stuff. 
  2. The snow. And the cold. Are here. :(
  3. Luckily, hubby is off work again this week, so I just tag along when he leaves the house, and he mostly drives me where I need to go.
  4. Last night? He was skiing when I had to take Maggie to and from her baton lesson. So I drove. In the crazy snow. A mile each way. And lived to tell the tale.
  5. My thoughts are apparently really choppy this afternoon.
  6. Posh is having a bunch of sales today and through the weekend. By 'a bunch' I mean three, but they're on really popular items. So yay! 
  7. From about 3:30pm on, I worry that I'll accidentally get into some task and forget to meet Maggie at the bus stop. I haven't yet, but I still worry.
  8. Tomorrow is MONSTER JAM at Ford Field!! Are you going? We'll be there :)
  9. I love having stuff to look forward to. It may be one of my favorite reasons to shop online (besides, you know, the actual stuff I buy). Right now I'm expecting my first pair of Buskins leggings, my new stamp for my Posh catalogs, and my new Erin Condren address book.
  10. After a couple of rough nights, I strongly suspect Jack is napping. Which would be a really good reason for me to nap too, but I'm instead trying to focus and get stuff done...

1 comment:

siteseer said...

Just tell Maggie what to do when you miss the bus. She'll be fine. Glad Jack's taking a nap. I love getting stuff in the mail too. Or in person lol