01 January 2015

2014 - Recap

Well, I probably should have done this last week, but here's my list from last year, and what I've completed from it...

  1. Go to New Orleans (done deal for next week - I know at least one item will get crossed off my list!).
  2. Be consistent with my 365/photo-a-day blog (check it out here).
  3. Be consistent with my new Project Life scrapbook.
  4. Work my business consistently (there seems to be a theme here...).
  5. Have a monthly mommy/daughter date with Maggie.
  6. Mail cards to everyone on my holiday card list some time this year.
  7. Finish unpacking the boxes in my office since our move... three years ago.
  8. Enjoy going through the boxes in the basement storage room that were put there from my office during our move three years ago.
  9. Earn a free trip to Costa Rico and go with my dear friend Sharon.
  10. Knit something.
  11. Do some more counted cross-stitch.
  12. Get more eyeliner.
  13. Get boots.
  14. Consistently volunteer at Maggie's school.
  15. Continue with Jack's Kindermusik - at least during the school year.
  16. Schedule dates at least every other month with my husband (depending on his availability).
  17. Do at least one 'random act of kindness' anonymously each month.
  18. Continue to meal-plan before grocery shopping.
  19. Successfully complete the LoseYourExcuseNow.com Savings Program for a cash Christmas next year.
  20. Start Michigan Educational Savings Plan accounts for both kids.
  21. Redo the large mirror/lack of shelving in the kids bathroom like this!
  22. Have Jack's new Thomas glass block night light mounted (on a floating shelf?) in his room.
  23. Put up my wall-decal fake headboard (once we decide for sure where we like our bed best).
  24. Drink more water.
  25. Use hand lotion more regularly.
  26. Watch the new 24!!
  27. Get a dresser for Jack's room.
  28. Help Maggie keep her room more organized/neater.
  29. Go to Dove Chocolate Discoveries next National Conference in July 2014.
  30. Regularly review Train Your Brain materials and 10 Minutes Before Bed journaling training.
  31. Consistently maintain 10MBB journal.
  32. Blog more regularly (on all THREE blogs).
  33. Work on developing new biz blog (Directly Positive).
  34. Take more pictures.
  35. Go to Florida for a family vacation.
  36. Get more sleep.
  37. Be a better, more focused listener.
  38. Strive to recognize the good in everyone.
  39. Host at least five direct sales parties for friends this year. (Dang - I got four done!)
  40. Make more regular follow-up calls for my business.
  41. Help my kids to laugh every day.
  42. Be a better wife, and try to help my husband smile every day.
  43. Complain less.
  44. Hang up more art/pictures on our walls.
  45. Read with both of my children regularly.
  46. Read books I enjoy for myself regularly.
  47. Go for more walks (once it isn't so darn cold out!).
  48. Burn more candles.
  49. Replace my car's windshield.
  50. Appreciate all of my many blessings. 
Well, I was kind to myself on crossing off the ones that I think I kept trying. Twenty-four got crossed off, and one was really close to crossing off.

My first 'goal' for 2015 is to review this, and possibly add to it, and make a new list of 50 for 2015.

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siteseer said...

What a good idea. You really did a lot!