27 August 2014

What the Hell Wednesday

Ahh... What the Hell Wednesday...

I really like to keep things as positive as possible, but this is really turning out to be a 'what the hell??' kind of week.
  • School stuff - ESPECIALLY at the elementary level - should be inclusive. School starts next week, and so far I've heard of TWO changes since the end of school last year. One involving the actual date for welcome night (my letter says last night, a bunch of people and then finally an email yesterday afternoon announced it as tonight), and one involving the first day of school. It was originally a full day (I'm not the only one who copied it down as a full day..), but I went double-checking dates after yesterday's snafu only to find that it's now a HALF day. Things I kinda think I need to know to properly help my second grader start the year off on the right foot.
  • I'm seeing lots of posts saying this winter will be like last winter. I. Cannot. Take. That. No, I mean it, I seriously cannot handle that again.
  • My hair? Needs to grow faster. I finally gave up on keeping the short style I like. Hubby gives lots of sideways comments about it being SO much better long, and I just can't find the money in the budget to get it cut regularly. So now I usually have wings. Keep in mind that I tried growing it for a year and a half before finally going with a short style, and it never reached pony tail length. I wonder if he'd consider a shaved head too short?


siteseer said...

You think you have it bad...I'm currently homeless and not too happy about parking in a garage parking lot for the last week. Guess I'll handle more - what choice do I have. Jeremiah 29:11

Jen said...

Ditto on the winter... a month of no school last year was to much.