04 September 2014


Wow. Sometimes, when I start a post, I get a sign that this is really worth writing about. This just happened to me as I uploaded this picture. I got a message on Facebook asking for my honest opinions about a networking/party plan/stay at home business. And I had already written my title - Why.

The picture above? Is a big part of my why. When I get bogged down by everything that has to get done at home whether or not I have a business, these are the friends I turn to. They're my 'chocolate wolf pack.' On days when I may have otherwise given up, working to the next conference or trip, so I can see my far-away friends in person again, is what keeps me doing it. Other than these events, I just see these friends on Facebook. Between the four of us, we cover three states - Michigan, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Not exactly friends I can meet for coffee!

Working at home, or even in network marketing or a party plan business, still has to be work if you want it to yield benefits for you. There are people who do it just for the discount on products, or primarily for tax benefits, but I also need to see cash benefits to continue investing my time and energy.

I have been seeing extra cash flow from my party plan businesses. (I say businesses because I've worked with two different companies in my more than 15 years in the industry, but I've only worked with one company at a time.) The best way to continually see cash is to do your business according to the basics. Book shows to share the products, book more shows, and find people who want the benefits of a business to join your team.

The benefits of having a party plan business are many, but not everyone joins for the same reasons. Some universal benefits include:
  • Commission based income from sales
  • Meeting new people (other consultants and other network marketers, as well as hostesses and guests at your own demonstrations)
  • Flexibility (use the time you have available to work your business)
  • Travel and other bonuses (most companies now have trips or other incentives that you earn while you also earn income)
  • Tax benefits
  • Discount on products
  • Conferences (okay, stay with me. Some people - like me - like meetings, or some moms in particular like a grown-up weekend away, that's mostly tax deductible)
If you're in a business like this, which one is it, and what is your favorite benefit?

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siteseer said...

No business but that describes it well. And you work it well too. It great that you have friends that you can go to and they to you.