07 March 2014

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. I made a to-do list for today in my calendar last night before I went to sleep. And it's kept me on track a bit. But I forgot to write this blog post on the list. ;)
  2. In starting to change purses today, I found a bunch of candy hidden in a purse I used to use. Yum!!
  3. Whoppers chocolate candies are good, even if they're a little squished.
  4. Grr.... My computer is just about dead. :(
  5. It's warmer today. Like 33 degrees out or something. This is very sad, that I consider freezing to be 'warmer.'
  6. My leg hurts today. Nothing anyone can do about it, but this is my random list, right?
  7. Jack is excited to go to his friend Zak's house this evening while Maggie and I go do an activity with her Girl Scout troop. 
  8. Anyone remember when Daisy Girl Scouts started? I would go search it myself, but see #4. We had a discussion during a party here a few weeks ago and someone said they were in Daisys. My comment was that they were obviously younger than me. ;) I think Daisys started when I was in middle school or high school. But not early enough for me to have joined.
  9. My nails want painting. Badly.
  10. I'm wearing my new 'over the heart' Origami Owl locket today. Go, me.

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