06 March 2014

Sales Quandries

Yes, I just really like the word quandry. Or quandries. And I've now used it on my blog. Go, me!!

Anyway, with my chocolate biz, I'm also responsible for training and mentoring other chocolatiers. So far, my most consistent incentive is that I send out a $5 Target gift card to anyone who submits at least one party ($200 in sales) by the 15th of the month. I'd asked for other suggestions of what people might like to see as we rolled up to 2014, but no one responded. Given that there have been a few posts saying people liked what we were doing, I decided it wasn't broken, and I don't need to fix it. ;)

But even feeling committed to what I'm already doing, sometimes I'll see a website with cool looking stuff that I think some of my team members may enjoy. When I point this sort of stuff out, I keep waiting to hear enthusiastic cheers, but each time, I'm met with not much of a response. Since I'm so incentive-driven, it seems odd to me. But everyone obviously isn't just like me. I just have to assume they're doing their business for their own reasons, and they must be reaching their goals or satisfied with their progress, since no one is asking me for guidance currently.

I continue on with my same approach - set a good example, work my own business, and make sure everyone knows that I'm available, if they want to bounce ideas around or get any help setting their own goals and making plans.

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