08 March 2014

Pet Peeve - Michigan Edition

Do you know what really bugs me? If you've ridden in a car with me a few times, you may already know.

It's the renewal tabs on a Michigan license plate. Specifically, if they're applied incorrectly. See the picture to the right? This is how it should be. Well, at least on this style of plate. But regardless of the style, it goes in the corner.

Want to see me irrationally angry? Point out a car or truck with the renewal tab (the little dealio that says May in the provided graphic) stuck in the MIDDLE of the plate. Like between the 'C' and the '2.' Ugh. Nothing screams, "IDIOT DRIVING," to me faster than someone who couldn't even follow the blasted directions to put their renewal tab on appropriately.

I can feel my blood pressure rising just thinking about it. Luckily I don't spend a lot of time looking for offenders, but once it's on my mind and I start looking around, I'm sure to find one. (And then there's that wonderful friend, Matt, who will mention it when he knows I'm driving, just because he must find it amusing to fuel my rage! ;) )

Do people think we need to know they had appropriate tags in a previous year? Why not keep putting the stickers in the same place, as intended? Why not just FOLLOW THE DAMN INCLUDED DIRECTIONS that are printed on the paper you pull the sill sticker off of?

Is there something that bugs you like this? I try to just dismiss it, but as soon as I see it, I honestly hope I won't see someone I know driving that vehicle. My judgment is passed, and I'm not sure our relationship could ever recover.

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