23 February 2014

Project Life Blog Hop

It's time once again for my post to the monthly blog hop! Check out the rest of the blogs by 'hopping' from here: Loving Life's Little Blessings

Sorry about the glare in my pictures (not sure what I've done differently?). Here's my Week 3. I also just realized that I never posted Week 2 anywhere. We know what will happen if I walk away from the keyboard now to go photograph so I can post it ;) I want to use some fun stickers of cars and stuff on the far right card in the middle, since the picture of the guys in suits is my husband and co-workers at the North American International Auto Show.

And in Week 4 I'm finally starting to use a little more embellishments. I don't think you can see it well in this photo, but I tried journaling across between two cards on the right-hand page. I hope it isn't too confusing to read - we'll see!

I'm not done with all of Week 5 yet, but I did like the title card I did about the Daddy/Daughter Dance with my new Thickers stickers. The facing page (which isn't done yet), needs a few more pictures printed from Maggie's skiing afternoon with daddy, and we're also waiting on the professional photo taken at the daddy/daughter dance...

That being said, I know I'm a bit behind, but this is not quite as overwhelming as 'traditional' scrapbooking for me. I keep my album where I can always see and work on it, and I do have date cards and some other tickets and things tucked in up to the current date already! I just back track to put in a few fun stickers and such, and add journaling (working largely by my datebook, which has all the details of what I do).

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siteseer said...

Look forward to seeing the books when I get home ;)