17 February 2014

Menu Plan Monday

MONDAY (Feb 17): Pizza! I was looking forward to it for lunch, but it turned out to be all gone :( Think I need it for dinner instead ;)

TUESDAY (Feb 18): Chili. And I may just make a double batch. Maggie and I both enjoy it for lunch, and she's home for winter break this week.

WEDNESDAY (Feb 19): Tortellini (otherwise known as 'ear noodles') with garlic bread and a fresh green veggie, if one looks good at the store.

THURSDAY (Feb 20): Taco salad

FRIDAY (Feb 21): Spaghetti with more garlic bread.

SATURDAY (Feb 22): Lots of appetizers around mid-day with our Origami Owl party (let me know if you need to look at the catalog!), and then Chicken Lazone for dinner.

SUNDAY (Feb 23): I think we still have some good cuts of beef in the freezer in the garage. I'll try to throw a good roast in the crock pot for this day.

MONDAY (Feb 24): Tacos.

TUESDAY (Feb 25): Really only two months since Christmas?? Tonight we'll try World's Best Chicken.

WEDNESDAY (Feb 26): Breakfast for dinner.

THURSDAY (Feb 27): Mommy/daughter date AKA Bingo night.

FRIDAY (Feb 28): Quartermania (mommy's at work, daddy feeds the short ones)

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siteseer said...

I want to eat at your house :) Everything sounds delicious