18 January 2014

Part of the Problem

I have to make a confession. I realize why some cities make an effort to discourage eating or drinking while driving. I may even be part of the problem.

A couple weeks ago, when the weather was perfectly horrid in our area, I finally left the house to get my hair cut before my trip to New Orleans. It was a mid-morning appointment, which is early for me. Since I'd spent the morning getting the kids ready for the sitter, and getting myself showered and dressed, I grabbed a granola bar and a Cherry Coke to have on my way to the salon.

I hadn't even made it a half mile from my house, when my car started doing a little sideways dance for, really, no apparent reason. I was going less than 20 mph, on a straight stretch of road, but apparently the slight incline was enough to confuse my front wheels as to which way they should be rolling.

Of course, going that slow, I had lots of time to evaluate my options for a response. And the first thing I sadly did was to finish my sip of Cherry Coke and set the can in my cup holder so it wouldn't spill. Yeah, while I had minimal control of my vehicle I took care of my breakfast first.

Obviously it all ended well, but the fact that my first intelligent thought was that I didn't want to spill my drink wasn't exactly reassuring about my priorities. Oops.


siteseer said...

You thought it through. If it had been an emergency you would have thrown the Coke and been on it lol