18 January 2014

Satisfying Holidays

So as we were looking out the window last night, hubby started noting which of the neighbors still have their holiday lights on. He even admitted that ours are still technically 'on' the house and shrubs, but at least they're unplugged. But then his tone said that it's nothing to be upset about yet, since it hasn't even been a month since Christmas! It feels like longer than that.

Who got music related gifts? Although it hasn't yet been a month, I can't remember everything we got, but I don't think there was anything technically musical this year. I don't even know if we can count the kids' new Wii game. It is dancing, so there's lots of music involved, but it isn't quite the same as the CD player she got and loved last year.

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siteseer said...

You already had everything!! lol I'm surprised too that there was nothing musical.