18 January 2014

Expensive Kids!

We were talking tonight about how expensive kids, or rather their selected activities, can be. The woman with the sons in hockey seemed to 'win' (that's a contest I'm happy to give up on!), but I remember having to get a lot of music accessories when I participated in a few different bands in high school.

On any given day, I could need reeds for my oboe (which I played in concert band), or jody jazz classic alto at wwbw (for my jazz band hobby), or any number of marching accessories (luckily the flute didn't have quite as many replaceable parts!).

So to step away from the cost of safety gear for contact sports, which instruments do you think have the most ongoing expense to play? The funny thing being, when I look back at my little list, the flute was the only instrument I actually owned. The oboe and alto sax belonged to the school, so the little things I had to get don't seem like much in that respect.

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siteseer said...

Just hope they don't want to switch from one to another. That could get expensive :)