17 January 2014

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. Do you like my new layout??
  2. Anyone out there do Project Life scrapbooking? I'm starting. My first batch of pictures is waiting for me at Walgreens, but the boy fell asleep as I got ready to leave the house. So we'll go get them later, and maybe I'll do my first page tonight :)
  3. I LOVED my trip last weekend to New Orleans. It was a fabulous city, but it's really good to be home with my short people again.
  4. Anyone need any chocolate? I'm less than 2000 points away from my all-expenses paid trip to Costa Rica :D http://www.mydcdsite.com/becki.
  5. As usual, I wandered off in the middle of my list. But the towels will be dry soon, and then Jack's clothes can go into the dryer.
  6. Have you seen Dawn of the Dead (the real one, not the 2004 remake)? The chick who brings them coffee in the control room at the beginning of the movie is Molly McCloskey, who is now a trainer for Dove Chocolate Discoveries. Yay!
  7. Okay, so she's a little better known for being Miss Molly on the New York syndicate of Romper Room from 1981 - 1991, but I've always been a bigger zombie fan ;)
  8. Our next conference is in Pittsburgh! The locals to that area are really excited. I'm glad I can drive in less than a day.
  9. I thought I caught up on a bunch of sleep at New Orleans. I went to bed around 10:30pm all but one night! But I'm still tired. :(
  10. Besides being tired, I'm really tired of being cold. C'mon spring and summer!

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siteseer said...

love the new layout. I too can't wait for Spring and Summer - I'll be home !!!