17 January 2014

Lawyer Up?

I've been greatly surprised, in the past few years, when a couple of my friends have talked about meeting with their attorneys. We aren't the sort of people who 'need' attorneys, I thought.

But surprisingly, each time I'm thinking of, they were talking about immigration lawyers. As much as you see people complaining about politics and the government, there are still plenty of people trying to get in our beautiful country - and stay :)

Am I the only one who always assumes a certain similarity with the people I meet? I tend to think of a lot of people as close in age with me, and of course I usually assume they're U.S. citizens, right?

Funniest citizenship story? My grandmother (mom's mom, in this case) was actually born in Canada. Although I do believe her citizenship stuff was straightened out decades ago, she was always afraid to go to Canada for any reason, because she was sure they'd keep her and not let her come 'home' to the U.S. Luckily we didn't have any pressing need to bring her to Canada with us on any visits.

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siteseer said...

I learned some new stuff about that.... I'll share the next time I talk with you :)