17 January 2014

More Music Around

So Jack and I started our new Kindermusik class this week. Every session comes with a book, a bag, usually a toy, and an 'instrument.' I put instrument in quotes because it's frequently something like an egg shaker or sandblocks (nothing close to a sr300 at musicians friend, which is more what I picture as an instrument), but this time it was actually a two-pack of harmonicas. Labeled harmonicas, no less, so I was even able to look in the parent guide and find instructions on how to play a couple of the songs we do in class!

I spent a minute, picturing myself as this cool, quirky friend to have around. I'd always have a harmonica in my pocket, and randomly bust it out to lay down some tunes.

Then I carefully followed the directions and played one of our songs from class. At about half the speed we usually sing it at. Finally, I carefully set it in the cup holder in my car - and it's been there, undisturbed, for a few days since.

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siteseer said...

Your great grandma played the Harmonica. And she could really play it :)