10 October 2013

Wish List

Nah, it isn't my birthday or Christmas or anything, but I've got a few things I'd pick up right away if I had a sudden windfall. Wondering what you should get for me if YOU have a sudden windfall? Here's a list! :D

  • Some light colored jeans-ish pants to go with my black shirts. (I have a thing against black and blue intentionally 'together.') These (blush, size 6 with the 32" inseam) or these (apricot, size 6 with the 32"inseam) are cute.
  • More Wen cleansing conditioner. It makes my hair and scalp feel so much better!
  • A hair trim :)
  • More underwear (yeah, maybe we can sum a few of these up with a Victoria's Secret gift card!)
  • Totally random, but while we're wishing? I need more shirts. And hoodies.
  • Dana Wilde's book: Train Your Brain
  • A book on calligraphy. Because I want nicer handwriting/printing. Suggestions?
  • Knee-high brown boots. With very little or no heel.
And of course I reserve the right to add to this list ;)

1 comment:

siteseer said...

wish I could get all of this for you. Hope you like what I'm making for you now :) Hopefully I finish it this weekend while at the cottage and then we'll get together next week :)