04 August 2013

Fun, Fun, Fun!!

I can't wait!! I'm going to this show - with someone! I've got a sitter arranged and everything, now just to find a super-fun person to share my second ticket with :)

Saturday, August 17 starting at 5PM. It's at Ford Field (Detroit) and has a bunch of fun country artists. What's your favorite song by Kenny Chesney? He's definitely no new-kid in town, so there's lots to choose from. I hear he does an excellent show - I'm excited to see and hear it!


siteseer said...

I'd love to go.... Too bad I chose this year to retire and travel - like all of the time :( Okay, I like it but I miss doing fun stuff you with.

siteseer said...

*with you. note to self - no wine before surfing lol