06 August 2013

Magazine Review? Woman's Day - August 2013

Not a 'review' perhaps, but just a few things that caught my eye and I wanted to share. My notes, by the way, are based on the real paper copy of the magazine.

Gooey Chocolate and Strawberry S'mores recipe (p 82) - That's not marshmallow, that's sour cream. Don't be cruel.

CocoaVia ad (p110) - Yay!! CocoaVia is a cocoa flavanol supplement by Mars using their patented Cocoapro process. I'm interested in checking out the brick and mortar retailers who make it available (Vitamin World is the most recognizable by me..). See, CocoaVia provides 250 mg of cocoa flavanols per serving, as compared with the 150 mg of cocoa flavanols in Dove Chocolate Discoveries' Vitalize product. We were taught that 150 mg is enough to contribute to improved, healthy circulation.

Cocoa Powder as a brain-booster (pg 114) - I love the additional mention of the benefits of dark chocolate, but I'm annoyed by their additional line to, "make sure it has a high cocoa content (look for 70% or higher on the label)." Because of Mars' above referenced Cocoapro process, more of the flavanols are intact in our dark chocolate. I need to learn how to explain the real benefits of this...

Ease achy muscles (pg 120) - The oleocanthal in extra-virgin olive oil can speed muscle repair.... 'consuming about 3 1/2 Tbsp oil throughout the day is the anti-inflammatory equivalent of approximately 10% of the standard ibuprofen dose.' I don't know about you, but I've never had a muscle ache requiring 1/10 of an ibuprofen dose in a day. More like 100% (or more) of a standard dose every few hours. Really.

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that would take a LOT of olive oil