02 August 2013

Scrub A Dub!

Can you tell I'm a little more relaxed now that I'm back home from my conference? I love going to conference, but the build-up has a tendency to stress me out a bit. Luckily hubby tends to be really good about picking up after himself and the kids while I'm gone, so at least I know I won't need carpet cleaners cary nc immediately on my return ;) This time he even cleaned a spot from our bedroom carpet which has been there as long as I can remember.

Now of course I've walked back into our home with a fresh eye and see lots of projects I just may dive into when he leaves in a couple weeks. I'm very reluctant to do many big projects when he's home, because he likes to see everything tidied up when he gets home from work. But my best uninterrupted work time is when the kids are asleep! So his business trips give me the chance to do something for a few hours each evening and not worry about having it all packed away by 6 or 7PM.

What will fall victim to my scrubbing brush, or paint brush, or screwdriver next?? Mwahahahaha....

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siteseer said...

hmmm can't wait to see what project you tackle. I think if it were me and my hubby gone I'd paint my bedroom. For the past few years I've thought about it but just haven't chosen a color. I'm sure he'd even do it... what can I say, I'm just a procrastinator.