16 July 2013


I love having more room in our 'new' house. It may be getting a little silly to call it our new house now that we've been here for more than two years, but that's still new-ish to me.

When we first moved in, I already knew that I'd want to live here forever. The only thing that right then would have made it even better for me would have been a stair elevator. I was a little more than six months pregnant, and used to a ranch-style house. Going upstairs to get things from my office, carrying the laundry from the first floor up to my bedroom, then soon lugging diaper supplies up and down (what felt like) fifteen times an hour... Ugh! How I dreamed of sitting and taking a rest while technology did the stair-work for me.

And now? How much easier would it be to have my toddler entertained by 'riding' up and down the stairs instead of struggling and making me wrestle him for every diaper change, teeth brushing or bath he doesn't agree with. I'd way prefer the giggles of my boy enjoying a ride that only exerted me by the push of a button. :)

Last but not least, if I'd been able to sit securely instead of trusting my tired feet up and down the stairs, I probably wouldn't have wiped out and bruised my poor arm, leg and bottom by falling down the stairs - just once so far - last Labor Day.

So many benefits, it makes me wonder why any of us trudges up and down the stairs seemingly hundreds of times each day.

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siteseer said...

I call stair climbing my workout. When we're not at home I have to work extra hard to get in a workout. When at home it just comes to me naturally. Love my stairs!