19 July 2013

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. I think a random post is right up my alley today. My mind is going in a billion directions at once! Only five days til my conference trip, but that five days includes two birthday parties and a chocolate tasting party. Oh, and maybe some laundry and packing?
  2. I absolutely refuse to complain about the heat. But I'm also not going to go sit outside so Maggie can run through the sprinkler during the hottest part of the hottest day of the year. Maybe later on...
  3. When I went looking for something to wear to our 'fancy' night at conference, I found a black and white flowered dress that fits awesome. It was in my dry cleaning bag. I wish I could remember why I bought it in the first place and where I wore it! Weird.
  4. Our 'early mornings' for the summer are done! And by early mornings I mean Maggie's one week long gymnastics camp that started at 9AM. What was I thinking??
  5. I can hardly wait to see Maggie's excitement at her parties and enjoying her new presents :)
  6. We found an awesome surprise gift for Jack online. I belong to a couple Facebook groups that are sort of like online garage sales, and a woman on one of the groups listed a ride-on Thomas the Train with tracks. The battery is dead, but hubby can definitely handle that repair. So tomorrow morning we get to go pick it up!
  7. I'm so relieved to be driving instead of flying to conference this year. It makes packing so much easier.
  8. What should the kids and I have for dinner tonight? Hubby is off to a concert with a friend.
  9. I keep forgetting to tell hubby that Maggie wants to have breakfast at a restaurant one day this weekend.... What the birthday girl wants, the birthday girl gets :)
  10. Watch this spot - my next post will be a giveaway for a local Detroit event!


siteseer said...

I'm commenting here to get two entries lol You have a busy week ahead, but lots of fun!!

gail said...

Enjoy all those things. I can't believe the kids are 6 already!

Denise said...

9am anything during summer break is just wrong IMO. Noon is much saner.