12 July 2013

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. Dear Jack: Please nap. Thank you. Love, Mommy
  2. I've got a bit of a headache today. I'm honestly only mildly annoyed by this, since I have them very seldom anymore - yay!
  3. I do still need to go to prepare a hostess packet, go to the post office, go get some Cool Whip, then come home and bake some brownies today. And once I'm home again I also need to get my paperwork together for my shows this weekend. Tomorrow is the Saturday I work for this month :)
  4. What are you looking forward to? We've got a LOT next week - gymnastics camp, a trip to a park with some friends (and there's ice cream there!), a Yelp! Family Fun night, our regular baton lessons, and capping the week off with a birthday party for Maggie with our family! 
  5. I wanted Maggie to add something to the list, but she said, "It's up to you."
  6. I promise I am not one to wish away time with my kids, but it sure is easier to run into the post office if both of them were able to listen and get themselves in/out of the car....
  7. Want a secret? I think I'm having as much fun as Maggie while planning her party and helping her decide what to tell people who ask what she wants :)
  8. And on that note - What did we do before Pinterest?!? After this post, I need to browse Pinterest to choose a couple small activities to go with her Shake It Up/Dance party..
  9. Someone remind me next year when I'm picking flower baskets that I shouldn't get begonias (I think that's what I got??). They're nearly dead. I finally moved them into the walkway so they're in the path of the sprinklers, but I think now they're getting too much sun. Sun AND water? Darn, plants are high maintenance!
  10. The house is suddenly quiet. I should go see if the boy is finally asleep, or if I have a huge mess to clean up. Either is a valid possibility.


siteseer said...

if you find a plant that doesn't require sun and water you let me know lol A few years ago I have marigolds that did wonderfully, but this year a few died. I think I had them fully established before neglecting them in the past, this year I planted and neglected. Not working lol Sprinklers on a timer is the best... a small kit can be purchased at HomeDepot.

Denise said...

Lol. I just found out last night that Shake it Up was a show. I was able to pause on it for the briefest of moments before my kids both looked at me like I was crazy because a. it involved real people and not animation or CGI b. it relied on talking for the action. Silly me.