04 June 2013

They Say it's MY Birthday - Post 6

I keep having random ideas of things I might like to have as I move through my day, but then I sit here and my mind goes blank. Or it's things I feel annoying asking for, like some of the Mary Kay make-up I liked the other day, or a Perfectly Posh lip gloss to replace the one I left in my car (which is in the shop for at least another week).

But for something to ask for right now? Hmm....

Ah! I would LOVE to have a short-ish table by the door to my office, to be a little crafting station.

I like the little hangy cup things for my Sharpies and such in this one. (Yes, I realize this one is very short and made for kids...work with me!) I've seen some pictures that utilize pegboard in a totally awesome way as well. I would also need some shelves big enough for 12 X 12 paper (sorted) and probably an additional light source over there.

On the one hand, I'm worried about cramming too much stuff into my office, but in reality, if I could just get it cleaned up (and keep it that way), it would be a good way to use the space. My desk currently (even if it was clean) has too many documents and things sorted where I can reach them to have a clear enough surface for craftiness.


siteseer said...

that is one organized room with a place for everything. I think that's the key to a neat space... a place for everything and everything in it's place. Very nice

dedicated servers said...

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