05 June 2013

Lots of Fun to Come!!

I'm so excited! It seems like there's something fun coming up every few weeks for the summer! On June 22, Maggie and I get to go to the Recess! Family Music Festival, and then less than a month later is Bon Jovi with the J. Geils Band! Not sure yet who I'll bring to that. Anyone out there reading think it would be a fun time with me?

What fun summer plans are you looking forward to? Besides the stuff on my list, Maggie also has one day of baton camp, three days of 'creepy/crawly camp,' five days of gymntastics camp, a bunch of stuff at the library, and regular baton and pom pon lessons! Whew! Good thing school's out for summer, eh?

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siteseer said...

don't you love filling up the summer calendar? I've got to go stop the mail again lol