03 June 2013

Not Just About Me?

I know I keep posting what I want for my birthday. That's because this is MY blog, of course. But in the next week or so, I also need to decide what to get hubby for his birthday. Did I forget to mention that's the day before mine? Hahahaha.... Oops ;)

A guy with a hobby should theoretically make it easier to buy gifts, but his hobby now involves a lot of instant gratification. He can't exactly wait for racecar parts to come just a couple times a year. Of course he's buying what he needs as he needs it (or the other guys on the team are).

Years ago it was much easier, or at least it seems that way in retrospect. His old studio could alway use musical stuff. Maybe it's the whole hindsight thing. I still needed a list back then, as I didn't have enough knowledge of that hobby to know what he needed next to continue making musical magic :) And of course even without the studio, a music lover is always a music lover.

I'm so lucky he has a hobby like music that lends itself to gifts for his birthday and the also quickly-coming Fathers' Day...

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siteseer said...

does he play often? He could sit around the campfire and play and you could sing :)