01 June 2013

The Sound of Music...

I'm wondering if being in the band in school is as much of a determining factor about who you are and who your friends are as it was when I was in school. I was actually only in the band for one year in high school. The band director who everyone liked best left the music department and only taught English after my freshman year. A lot of people, including me, moved away from band and picked up other hobbies.

Before high school, I really enjoyed regular band in school, as well as several variations. At one point, I played the flute and piccolo in the regular band, then moved on to oboe. For a while I also picked up the alto saxophone, for the sole purpose of playing in the jazz band. The only instrument I actually owned, though, was the flute. It's since been suggested that I pick up the flute again and share my playing with Maggie. We'll see :)

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siteseer said...

I think you should do anything musical... you have such a talent and it is always something fun to share with the kids... you could have a whole band ;)