31 May 2013

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. What a busy weekend! I was supposed to have five chocolate tasting parties, and I have to confess I wasn't totally devastated when two canceled. Now I have three chocolate tasting parties, plus I get to take Maggie to a birthday party.
  2. My mild bummer for the weekend is that I'll busy completely busy during all of the local Relay for Life festivities. Maggie really enjoyed going and hanging out there last year.
  3. I'm also kind of excited that all the chocolate shows this weekend mean I won't have any more weekend shows til July! My new schedule for summer (set by me...) only reserves one Saturday and one Sunday per month for chocolate tasting parties.
  4. I can't believe there's only two weeks of school left! And that's actually a long time compared to some other districts...
  5. I hope summer is finally here to stay.
  6. While I'm still plugging away at posting, I actually am having a hard time thinking of appropriate things to post as birthday requests! Who'd a thunk?
  7. I'm so excited to finally have our delicious beef. :)
  8. My rant about the post office still isn't written (it's been on my post ideas list for a while, but they keep screwing things up more and more, and I hate to post about only half of a story...). I have, however, reached the end of my rope with them. I'm going next week to open a new P.O. box at a post office I've received better service at. So frustrating!
  9. I'm really itching to get my hair cut shorter again. It's getting too long to feel like I'm successfully blow-drying it into any sort of style. Hubby? Are you reading this?
  10. Although most days sort of run together while I'm home with the kids, yay for the weekend! Right?

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