24 June 2013

The Plague of 2013

Well, I think I've wrapped up plague season for our family now. Unfortunately, I did it on the day Maggie and I had planned a day of mommy/daughter fun, followed by my final quartermania for the season (which was supposed to be a date night for mommy & daddy!).

I woke up Saturday around 4AM in a condition I would not be exaggerating to call violently ill. I was sick in any way you can imagine from 4AM til 3PM. Ugh. I finally let hubby know what was up, and that he would be the adult participant for the mommy/daughter day we had scheduled, around 8AM.

I think my day of hell was the end of it for our family. And luckily I was only 'really' sick for one day, although I had no strength or energy to do anything at all the whole next day. Maggie had been sick for one day a week ago, hubby said his had been drawn out over a few days nearly a week ago, and Jack (I think) started the trend with some mild pukeys before Maggie. Weird virus, but its time with us is DONE!


siteseer said...

ugh... glad you're better. Wish I lived close enough to help you