07 June 2013

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. Somehow I still keep thinking we're a day later than we are. Hello? Maggie is at school - it can't be Saturday yet...
  2. As expected, I'm glad I worked my tushie off last weekend and I'm now (mostly) free til the end of the month. For chocolate work, that is. I just have some phone calls and post office trips. Now does free actually mean 'free time'? Hahaha...bite your tongue!
  3. 'Course, that also means I need to do some real to-do lists... Actual scheduled parties are like built-in deadlines. I don't want to let them sneak up on me!
  4. I still want to do a couple more birthday posts, even though I don't think anyone is really shopping from them. It's just sort of fun, like the 'if I win the lottery' game. It may sound sort of sad, but thinking of things I want is kind of defining for who I am. I don't spend much time sitting and thinking about me. Duh.
  5. Hmm.... Did Maggie make anything at school (or maybe she will next week?) for Father's Day?
  6. I hope my ambitious feelings about my schedule persist! I'd love to get a bunch of stuff accomplished this weekend, and have fun with the kids tomorrow and the kids and my parents on Sunday!
  7. I helped paint names on shirts with the kindergarteners yesterday...I still have a bunch of fabric paint on my fingernails! Oops!
  8. Maggie is SO EXCITED to watch Hotel Transylvania tonight for our movie night together.
  9. I wish the weather would warm up already. I'm guessing the library summer reading kick-off tomorrow will not feature a dunk tank like it did last year. Brrr....!
  10. Don't forget next weekend is Fathers' Day!! (In like nine days, I mean. Not this weekend.)

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