30 May 2013

They Say It's MY Birthday! - Post 5

Well, I already arranged a business swap and ordered the business card holder I wanted in post four. Which shortens my list to three again...but who's counting?

I've recently changed the way I'm dealing with stuff at my chocolate tasting parties. I used to have a small-ish three ring binder that held a copy of the catalog and some extra order forms and such, but the new catalog is funky sized, so I was suddenly left with a nearly empty binder. So I quit carrying it. But now I've discovered that I don't have a good system for keeping the orders I'm currently collecting together, or extra order forms handy.

The solution I think will work for me is to have one of those clipboards that opens up for a bit of storage, like this or maybe this. I'm sort of leaning toward the pink one (second link), but I'm not sure if there's a benefit to having the opening either vertical or horizontal. Anyone have any input on these?

And while some people wouldn't request work supplies as a birthday gift, I really enjoy my office supplies, so it would be okay. :)

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