29 May 2013

More History All the Time...

I saw a cool decorating tip the other day where they used plate holders to display some scrapbooks actually on the wall, instead of just on a bookshelf. While that may not work for my heavier, old-school scrapbooks, I think it would be perfect for my little photo books.

Of course I then had to go review all of the little photo books I've printed up over the years. One of my favorites is the one I made for hubby for our anniversary last year. Just looking through it I was reminded of stories from only a few years ago that I'd already forgotten, in part at least. Hey, we've only been together for a decade or so!

Hubby loves to travel, so one trip he wouldn't miss in our first year was the Miami Boat Show. He'd been going for years with his dad and some Canadian friends, and the time finally came for me to join them. Hotels in Miami are usually not what one would call economical - they want to live it up! The first year we didn't do as much of that (just wait til the next year!), but we were there for the time with friends (okay, maybe he wanted to see the boat show too...). But our accommodations for most of it were just acceptable, but not stellar.

Even that changed the last day. Well, technically just after the last day, I suppose. We spent our last day in town lying on the beach. And not worrying too much about getting too much sun, since we'd be home and comfortable in no time. Once we got to the airport, we learned the weather wasn't nearly as pleasant back in Detroit! Most of the flights out of Miami were being canceled due to the weather...

This caused a rush on the Miami Airport Motels nearby. See, if a flight is canceled due to an 'Act of God' (like the weather) the airline doesn't have to do anything to help you out! And we definitely didn't want to prop our sunburned bodies into airport chairs for the night. Fortunately luck was smiling on us for that trip - our flight crew had waited and waited for the final word in Detroit. They waited so long that they eventually had to leave due to labor laws. Our flight ended up canceled because we didn't have a crew, instead of because of the weather!

We got a comped room nearby. Since we were still single and childless, we had no problem keeping our stuff together and ending up at the front of the line for the nicest free room available. Woo-hoo!! Traveling is always an adventure with hubby. :)

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siteseer said...

funny your post today is this.... I'm going through the airline rules to see what is acceptable carryons and purse/tote. The purse/tote isn't too defined, but the carryon is. Hopefully all fits well lol