23 April 2013

Random Tuesday Thoughts


It is Tuesday, right?

If there was 'stream of consciousness blogging', ya'll would be reading til the middle of May after my dark & rainy drive home tonight. I had so many fabulous ideas. 

Why oh why do I get all inspired and ready to take action late at night? It almost seems like a conspiracy in my subconscious. I will not be nearly as eager and ready to make phone calls tomorrow. You know, at an appropriate hour. And I do have enough sense not to make said calls at 10:30pm.

Although I usually hate driving in the rain, it was somewhat comforting to see the temp outside was still 57 degrees. And no one has to shovel rain ;)

Life is crazy busy right now, but I don't really mind.


siteseer said...

I think it's human nature to think of things to do when you can't do them and when you have time to do them you don't want to lol That's the story of my life!

Braden said...

I have this same problem! My inspiration comes as I'm laying down to sleep!