24 April 2013

Healthy WITH Carbs??

I suppose seven years into my marriage is too late to convince my in-laws that I'm actually a master-chef in disguise?? I've actually told my five-year-old daughter, when she asks what's for dinner, that I fed her the day before! Kids can be so demanding ;)

I'm good at getting something to eat on the table. Luckily we aren't really picky or dealing with dietary restrictions, or my [lack of] skills would likely leave us up a creek, if you get what I'm saying. But in my googling around and looking for a fun recipe for dinner tonight, I saw these miracle noodles! I wonder how many of my friends who are going gluten-free or avoiding carbs have seen some of these beauties?

In all honesty, if it was just me and the kids for dinner again tonight, we'd be having kielbasa and mac n cheese - I would not be looking for something more presentable, just keeping us alive another day. But my mother-in-law is joining us. Yay for adult conversation for me, and someone with fresh energy to play with them for a bit!

I was initially thinking of breakfast for dinner (hey, I've got a SUPER-DELICIOUS french toast recipe), but I'm missing a key ingredient and not excited to go out in the rain and snow to get anything else. So we'll have some meatballs with gravy, mashed potatoes, and probably peas or corn from the freezer. It'll have to do in a pinch, when I don't really have much prep time either...

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siteseer said...

I remember trying to get like 15 things that we all liked then put them on 3x5 cards. Then I just had to make sure we had all of the ingredients in the house and just pick a card. Sometimes I'd just draw a blank and it helped to have a reminder.