01 April 2013

Menu Plan Monday

Yay for me! Doing my menu-plan every other week, when I actually do the grocery shopping, worked out great last time. So here we go again:

Monday (4/1): My very favorite Honey Mustard flavored Chicken Helper.

Tuesday (4/2): Chili

Wednesday (4/3): Homemade pizza. I think I saw it on Pinterest - you cut a loaf of french bread so it's open faced, and everyone makes their own pizza on part of it.

Thursday (4/4): Hubby is taking off work and we're having a staycation. So I didn't plan anything since we may or may not be home...

Friday (4/5): Same as Thursday ;)

Saturday (4/6): No-Peek Beef Tips

Sunday (4/7): My Tupperware party! No 'real' dinner, just yummy appetizers and visiting with friends and family. Feel free to click the link if you need anything - doesn't matter if you live near me or not - you can order and have it shipped to your door.

Monday (4/8): Spaghetti Pie - the easy way this time. When I made it last time, I made the two trays of it. So tonight we're just heating the second tray.

Tuesday (4/9): Hubby's making schnitzel.

Wednesday (4/10): Italian Crock-Pot Chicken - found this on Pinterest and this will be my first try making it. I'll let you know how it goes!

Thursday (4/11): Tacos

Friday (4/12): Either eating at my parents or going out.

Saturday (4/13): Meeting in Chicago - probably eating on the road...

Sunday (4/14): I think hubby will be taking a test day at the racetrack..I never cook a full dinner for just the kids and I ;)

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siteseer said...

check out my pin it... there's a pin on 52 dinners with a pre roasted chicken. the kind you get at meijers.