18 March 2013

Menu Plan Monday

Well, I'm posting this to make me accountable. Every other week, I was out of grocery money, so menu planning was nearly impossible. This time, I made up my menu first, then hit the store. So here's two weeks of menus for us. Hopefully this works a little better at costing us less in the end.

MONDAY (3/18) - Pork roast in the crock pot with mashed potatoes and asparagus

TUESDAY (3/19) - Chicken Tacos

WEDNESDAY (3/20) - Dinner out at BW3's. It's a Dine to Donate night for a friend's Relay for Life team

THURSDAY (3/21) - Breakfast for dinner. I'm making awesome Vanilla French Toast with sausage.

FRIDAY (3/22) - Spaghetti Pie

SATURDAY (3/23) - Taco Salad

SUNDAY (3/24) - City Chicken

MONDAY (3/25) - Another dinner out at BW3's again. This time it's Dine to Donate night for my daughter's school.

TUESDAY (3/26) - It's both my mother's retirement dinner at her office, and I have a team meeting that's at a restaurant right after that. I'm definitely not cooking.

WEDNESDAY (3/27) - OMG Taco Bake

THURSDAY (3/28) - Chicken and stuffing. There's a nifty recipe on the canister of Stove Top Stuffing.

FRIDAY (3/29) - PAYDAY!! I'll either scrape something together, or we'll go out :)

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