15 March 2013

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. Life has gotten so busy lately, and summer isn't even here yet! Tonight we've got an extra baton practice (to make up for a snow day a couple weeks ago), and then Disney on Ice with friends. Tomorrow I've got a vendor event (which I need to bring a table to, so Andy is dropping me off and picking me up), then hubby and kids are headed to MIL's while I go to a friend's CAbi party. Sunday....glorious Sunday with NOTHING! Maybe Maggie wants to go to Sunday School. :)
  2. I woke up repeatedly during the night - only sometimes because of the baby - all ready to go do all the things on my list today. I was on a roll last night! And now? My get up and go seems to have got up and went :(
  3. I am so ready for spring! It seems like we had a couple of slightly warmer days, then back to frigid cold. C'mon, mother nature - give us a break!
  4. Tomorrow I've got a local vendor event. I can't wait to make lots of local contacts and book some shows close to home.
  5. "I'm thankful for unexpected opportunities."
  6. I don't know where the above came from (copied it from an affirmations group), but I did hear a great Albert Einstein quote yesterday - "Imagination is more important than knowledge."
  7. Sometimes Facebook can do for my emotional insecurities what Hoarders does for my insecurities about how I keep house. I'm okay. A lot of other people are completely nuts. Thank you, Facebook & Hoarders.
  8. I have this urge lately to throw some sort of party. I just feel like I don't see friends and family often enough. So I want to invite them all over, but I really don't want to cook/serve a meal. And with Easter right around the corner, I feel like anything I do has to be substantial. Can I invite a bunch of people over and say it's just tea, and ask them to bring an appetizer or dessert? And again, Easter is almost here. When would I do this?
  9. I keep a Missouri quarter on my bathroom counter. Every time I look at the arch on the back of the quarter, I look forward to the Dove National Conference in July. I can't wait to have a few days to myself (with one of my dearest friends and a few hundred of my co-workers, of course).
  10. Back to the grind! I still need to run some deliveries today (so we don't have to drag the whole family along to do it on Sunday, as planned), and start packing for tomorrow's event!

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