13 March 2013

Just Chillaxin...

Ugh. Jack and I have a cold :( I'm miserable and snuffly, and he's miserable, snuffly and not sleeping well. Oh, yeah - not sleeping well in my bed. You do the math. Luckily hubby says he's too tired to be cranky. That makes one of us.

Jack and I just ran a few errands today to get out of the house. We dropped off a Dove chocolate donation basket for a bowling fundraiser we were invited to (but won't attend since we'll be at Disney on Ice) on Friday, met daddy for lunch, and dropped off some catalogs at the post office.

Now I'm taking a few minutes to relax, enjoyed my free Just Baked cupcake (the flavor of the day is Root Beer Float!), and watching the clock so I'm not too late to pick Maggie up from baton practice. Since I struggle with arriving 'on time,' we usually get there a few minutes early and hang out in the hall or on the bleachers until they're done. Jack won't be thrilled to find out I plan on putting him in the stroller today, because we're meeting briefly about fundraising after the girls are done with practice.

Dinner? Chicken and dumplings over rice. And then a conference call on 63 ways to get more bookings for my business.

Hey, this is blog is real, and sometimes exciting. Today it isn't real exciting ;)

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siteseer said...

that cupcake sounds yummy. Hope Jack and you are feeling better. No one likes to feel under the weather and no sleep is a killer for me.