12 March 2013

Random Tuesday Thoughts


The last couple of Mondays have felt like two days long to me. So by the afternoon, I'm convinced it's Tuesday already. And now? I have to keep reminding myself it isn't Wednesday yet. Ugh.

I had to post of Facebook earlier today about something that absolutely infuriated me. We have mice coming into our garage from the abandoned orchard next door. No surprise there. But I've taken to religiously baiting the traps with peanut butter. We've caught a few so far, and I do my little victor's dance each time.
 But this morning, not only were both traps in the garage relieved of their peanut butter bait, one of them had a tiny mouse turd in its place! So this class-less little rodent decided to poop where he'd just eaten. Number 1: GROSS! and Number 2: I'm convinced he did it just to thumb his little wiggly mouse nose at me. Yeah, I get it.
You at the peanut butter and then turned and delicately hovered your (getting fatter) mouse butt over the spring-loaded trap to let me know what you thought of my attempts at murder. Let's not kid ourselves - I don't want to trap the little buggers - I want them dead and out of my life and garage forever!

I wish there was something to make the high chair more comfortable for the shortest member of our family to sleep in. They have those things that contort around the seat belts that are supposed to make sleeping in the car more comfortable, so why not? If he doesn't dose off in the car, immediately after lunch in the high chair is his second choice.

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