29 March 2013

Count Down to Race Day

We're finally at less than one month til hubby's next race day. The car is coming together (they say..). New boxes and supplies arrive at our house every day. A giant pink tent for the campsite, various toyota oem parts and other miscellany I'd never recognize. As far as I can tell, the car is finally looking like, well, a car. There's an engine in that front [previously] open part, and a set for the driver to park his pockets in (this is how one talks when most of one's time is spent with one or more kindergarteners ;) ).

Yes, this is the real race car. The part that draws my interest the most, of course, is the themes. Right now all we have is the original white paint on the car, and file of ideas on hubby's laptop. A big part of Lemons Racing is the theme and story behind your car. He sent in all the back story to the judges with their application, but the car doesn't yet fit the part. I'm sure we'll need more updates on that soon...

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