29 March 2013

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. I finally decided to just go with Murphy's Law. I kept not scheduling too much stuff because we didn't know when hubby's next trip to Korea would be. Of course, each month I try not to schedule too much stuff is not the month he goes to Korea. April is pretty busy; maybe they'll actually finalize his trip this time.
  2. The pain in my left leg has been bad for a few weeks. Back to Murphy's Law, of course, I know all I have to do is actually try to schedule a doctor's appointment and it will feel better. I suppose that's good...
  3. I still have to finish Easter shopping. My plan was to do it tonight after the kids go to bed, but I don't have high hopes of hubby getting home by then. Which means I'll try to sneak out tomorrow while he stays here and watches them? Remind me not to put it off next year. I was going to do it on Thursday while Maggie was at school, but she stayed home sick. Note to self: Don't wait til the last day of school.
  4. I'm sort of curious about the M ARC (I think that's what they're calling them?) planners I've seen a few posts about lately. You know me and office supplies! But actually my Erin Condren one is still working out fabulously :)
  5. Not only because of #1, I have high hopes for my Dove Chocolate business in April. I just publicly announced on a team forum that I will recruit THREE successful team members, hold THREE high-dollar parties with at least one booking each, and sell at least $1600 of chocolate. Anyone want to help me out? ;)
  6. The kids and I took a short walk to the park in our neighborhood this afternoon. I'm so glad the weather finally seems to be warming up!
  7. Tomorrow is supposed to be my oldest niece's fourth birthday party, but my brother texted me this afternoon to say she was running a fever :( Her actual birthday was on Monday, but we all want to see her and celebrate with her! Hope the sickies don't take hold.
  8. Maggie opted to wait til tomorrow morning to color eggs so Daddy can do it too :) She's so sweet.
  9. We're still trying to find something fun to do as a family for a few days next week while Maggie's on spring break. Any suggestions?
  10. Whew - made it to number ten!

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