07 February 2013

Weekend Plans - Nuclear Cowboyz?

There's good and bad news to being addicted to my planner. I get a lot more done, and have plenty of fun, but when I realize at the last minute that there's something like this Saturday's Nuclear Cowboyz show, there's no way I'm fitting it in...

Be sure to look carefully at this picture; it may appear upside down at a glance, but it's just the bikes that are upside down - the people in the seats are sitting just the way we expect them to be.

This Saturday, February 9, the Nuclear Cowboyz are at the Palace of Auburn Hills. You can get four tickets for $80 by using promo code FAMILY (Not valid on VIP Fall Out Zone or Gold Circle seating. Valid only on $35 seats.  Must be purchased in packs of 4.  Limit 12 tickets in one purchase.  Savings of $60).

Hopefully next time they're in town I'll be able to catch the show and tell you all about it! If you get there first, please drop me a note and let me know how cool it really is!

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siteseer said...

I can't even SEE the picture lol Interesting lol