04 February 2013

Menu Plan Monday?

Hahaha....or not.

Hubby's off to Korea, so I'm not at all motivated to cook for a fussy toddler, a kindergartener who loves macaroni and cheese above anything else, and myself, who can make do with wine for dinner :)

So this week's plan goes like this:

Monday: Finish off freezer foods - Maggie had ocean nibbles (read: fish sticks) and french fries, and I had chicken nuggets and french fries. Jack had....oh, heck. I have no idea what Jack actually ate. The tray (and the baby) were eventually coated with Gerber chicken and brown rice, two fish sticks, a couple french fries, some club crackers, a container of yogurt, and a Gerber fruit chew thing. I'm sure at least some of the same made it into the baby.
I'm now topping it off with an excellent Pinterest suggestion: one part orange juice, one part cranberry juice, and two parts Moscato. By the way, this is just mine (and thanks, Mom, for the Christmas bottle of Moscato - I knew I was saving it for a rainy..er...snowy day).

Tuesday: Oh, man. I have to do this again tomorrow? We have a library thing in the early evening, so maybe I'll be motivated enough to stay out and get some real food. Maggie's suggestion for this week was kielbasa and macaroni & cheese. Unfortunately when we went grocery shopping I forgot the kielbasa. Maybe it will make its way here tomorrow.

Wednesday: Our old stand-by will work well one evening this week. Perhaps Wednesday will be the lucky day for our OMG Taco Bake.

Thursday: We have a blogging meeting at 7:30 on Thursday. It leaves me with an interesting dilemma. Do we head out a bit early and grab some fast food, since we need to leave the house anyway? Or do we have sandwiches or something here before leaving, knowing there will be munchies once we get there anyway?

Friday: Hard to believe we've gone almost a whole week of just me and the kids with no Totinos pizza (well, unless you count the pizza rolls last weekend, which I obviously don't). Friday is the perfect day for pizza. We'll either have the Totinos classic standby, or maybe we'll make our own.

Check out Menu Plan Monday for what will almost always be better ideas than mine. Especially this week. ;)

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siteseer said...

we're really not calling that a 'menu plan' are we? lol Okay, I'll give you credit for the OMG Taco Bake, but that's all lol