24 January 2013

Team Isaiah - Guest Post

Hello World,

My name is Jennifer and I am a struggling work from home mom of 4. I have 2 wonderful daughters and 2 wonderful sons. My children are my life and they are great and intelligent kids.

My youngest son Isaiah was diagnosed with PDD-NOS (recently diagnosed with Asperger’s at the age 4) and Sensory Processing Disorder at the age of 2 ½. Although I knew there was something wrong with him since the first day I held him in my arms it took 2 ½ years for someone to listen to my plea and help him. 

Before he began to attend an exceptional children’s preschool, he was receiving in home therapy seeing a speech, occupational and play therapist once a week. When he turned 3 in December of 2010 that is when his life began to change for the better, because he was accepted at a wonderful school. Before going to this wonderful school my son was very antisocial, he would barely put two words together, he had unusual attachments to objects, could not start or maintain a social conversation, communicated with gestures instead of words, preferred to spend time alone, rather than with others and had many of the other classic signs. Since attending this school my son has made a huge improvement in his life. Isaiah can communicate with words, he has friends and likes to play with others, and his attachment to objects has diminished. Isaiah is not the same child, it amazing how much the school has helped him.

One of things that Isaiah loved and still does is Mickey Mouse. Before he could talk he would love watching Mickey Mouse on T.V. eventually he learned about Disney World. Once he began to talk clearly he would talk about meeting Mickey Mouse. His dream is for all of us to go as a family to Walt Disney World and for him to meet Mickey Mouse. I have planned to take him 2 years ago but we could not save the money and then again I aimed to take him this year but we simply cannot afford it. I am hoping that there is some kind hearted people who would donate to a great kid.
Isaiah has been through so much in 5 years it’s incredible his strength and courage. This past October we walked in Concord North Carolina for Walk Now for Autism Speaks in his honor.  The picture above shows him taking a picture with his tribute trail poster, and proudly wearing the t-shirt that I designed (I am a website and graphics designer by trade, but I don’t make a steady income, with that being said my husband had to go back to work he has been out of work for over 2 years with a back injury he received working at Wal-Mart. He does not make a lot so everything goes to bills no extras to save for this trip or anything extra. I am trying to do other things to bring in extra income nothing is panning out). He is a very smart and loving boy and last August he was placed in a regular pre-k program with 17 other students. Prior to this his class size was only 9 including him because they felt he could not handle it. To see him interacting with others and actually be able to have a full conversation with him has been a God send. There are many things we all take for granted, no one wants to hear their child is different, but I am truly blessed to be his mom. He has taught me more in 5 years then I could have ever imagined. We are aiming to have him go to a regular elementary school for Kindergarten please pray and keep your fingers crossed. 
I am hoping that with your help that we can take him to Disney this July before he starts Kindergarten. The money will be used for our housing, transportation, food and tickets for all 6 of us to the park. 

Thank you so much for reading this and please share his story with all your family friends and co-workers.

Please make his dream come true!

Thank you!

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