25 January 2013

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. It looks like a snowglobe outside....
  2. Pizza party for two lucky kindergarteners at our house tonight :)
  3. And it wouldn't be the chocolate lady's house if the pizza wasn't followed by dipping stuff in chocolate for dessert ;)
  4. Only one more week left on Dove's awesome Valentine's specials - you can get a box of our fabulous Sea-Salted Caramel Collection or our exclusive Artisan Butter Toffee shipped to your door (or as a gift) for Valentine's day. And shipping is included! The Sea Salted Caramel Collection is item #5113D for $40, or the Artisan Butter Toffee is item #5114D for $45. Order at http://www.mydcdsite.com/becki.
  5. Boy, I sure do love Cherry Coke.
  6. Holy cow, today is flying by! I was thinking it was lunch time-ish, and it's 3PM already!
  7. My desk was getting cleaner once, but then I got twelve more awesome ideas all at once and it looks like my brain threw up everywhere again.
  8. I listened to a webinar from Dana Wilde yesterday on the Mind Aware. It was great! Not just for business but for life!
  9. Maggie's first talent show is next week :) She's been having so much fun practicing a baton routine to Lollipop with a few of her friends. I can't wait to watch the real deal!
  10. Post finished - time to start getting ready for our playdate tonight!

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