27 December 2012

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen favorites from the holiday season so far.

  1. Seeing Matt again and meeting his wife Diana!
  2. Every time Maggie says, "I was wishing for..."
  3. Watching Jack push the accelerator button on his ride on toy..as he walks along beside it.
  4. When Jack throws his car down the toy ramp and then grins and claps for himself.
  5. Sugar cookies!
  6. My new heated mattress pad <3
  7. Hurting for my sensitive girl as she cried over not seeing her elf-on-the-shelf every day anymore.
  8. Listening to Maggie dance to the music in her room with her new cd player.
  9. Letting hubby sleep in til he wakes up happy.
  10. Having a few minutes to straighten my office since there isn't so much running around every day while we're on 'vacation'.
  11. Feeling the love.
  12. Anticipating the promise of a whole new year.
  13. Staying up late each night knowing we have no early pressures in the morning.

1 comment:

siteseer said...

I too love staying up late working on a project when there is no 'get up' time. Can Maggie look for a 'fairy' coming out of a 'fairy door' in place of the elf?