28 December 2012

Holiday Happiness

Sorry I disappeared for a spell there. Hubby's been home, and we've had several holiday social events and company keeping us hopping.

I don't know what we did without Facebook - it's how I keep up-to-date on plenty of goings on with friends I don't see everyday now. Congrats to Belinda & Joe and to Tony (Big T) & Caryn on their engagements. I love seeing people happy, especially really great people who do so much for others every day. I hope they all remember how happy they are now and work to maintain it <3 <3

I think I've only seen one or maybe two birth announcements lately, but I can't remember right off who they were! The one most important to me was the birth of my third niece almost three weeks ago. Maggie was so excited to go to school the following Monday and tell all of her friends about her new cousin named Lilly. She's been a great baby so far, never making a fuss when we saw her shortly after she was born, and then again at a party with some friends and Christmas Eve.

At least while I haven't been posting much here, I've seen lots of friends, family and happiness first hand :)

Hope your holidays are going well also!

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siteseer said...

the holidays were fast and busy. Love seeing family and friends.